“The Beast” Tendai Mtawarira surprises our kids | Family Vlog

Thank you to everyone who shared our video, liked our video and commented on our video of the girls response to The Beast retiring from South African Rugby. To put it into context for you our girls have grown up watching him play. Jasmines first rugby game at the Shark Tank was when she was just a week old. Their reason and excitement for going to rugby and watching games on the TV is to see him and if he ever left the field or did not play they were not interested. They fell in love with this man they only saw from a distance, without any prompting, encouragement or discouragement from us, we just let them be them. They say children are very good judges of character and this has been proven true with our girls and The Beast. They chose the most incredible, humble, loving, gentle giant (off the field) to be their hero and as parents we will be forever grateful to Tendai ‘The Beast’ Mtawarira for what he has done in our girls hearts without even knowing it.

We honestly never expected the video to have the impact that is did on other people. Our girls do love passionately and love everybody equally and we pray that they will continue to love like they do and be who they are to all nations and all races. As a family we believe in one thing when it comes to race and that is we all bleed red blood, the rest does not matter and if our children can see the value in all people and love all people like Jesus did then we have done our job right.

Thank you Beast for loving our girls, allowing Maddy to sit on your lap for nearly 20 minutes and just absorb the moment of being with her hero. Thank you for being who you have been to our girls all their lives and who you will continue to be to them because they will grow up knowing the incredible legacy you have left behind and the impact you have had on South Africa. You truly are a hero and our family are blessed to have had the opportunity to be in your presence be able to watch you walk your incredible Rugby journey! Thank you to you and your family for taking the time to come and sit with all of us and get to know each of us. You are all so very special to us and to the whole of South Africa!

Thanksgiving – Buckets of Hope | Family Vlog

Thanksgiving Buckets of Hope is a very special time of the year for us. Not only does it the start fo the end of year activities but it also give us an opportunity to reflect of the year that is about to end and be thankful for everything that has happened and in turn be generous with the resources we have received to help people that have had difficult time. Hopefully we can do a small part in making someones Christmas time memorable and something worth celebrating!

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Maddison Responds – A sad farewell to “The Beast” Tendai Mtawarira | Family Vlog

“The Beast” Tendai Mtawarira – Maddison responds to our farewell video that we made to “The Beast”

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#TrophyTour #SpringbokChampions #SpringboksChampions #StrongerTogether #ChampionsTogether #Springboks #TheBeast The Beast (Tendai Mtawarira) announced his retirement from Springboks and South African rugby. We visited King Shaka airport to welcome the Springboks to Durban and greet “The Beast.” It turned into a very emotional goodbye.