When holy lovers of God cry out to him with all their hearts, the Lord will hear them and come to rescue them from all their troubles.

Psalm 34:17

What you see now is not what will be forever. There may be trouble in your family, but it will not last forever. There may be trouble around you, but it will soon disappear. Set your heart on my faithfulness and dont be distracted by the impossibility that limits you. I am your Father, and I have plans to prosper you and to make you fruitful in my vineyard.

Take rest in your Father’s works. Take joy in your Father’s love. This day I will open up your eyes to see my saving power. The day of the Redeemer has come. My redeeming grace will be unveiled before you. This is the day when I will arise to redeem your life and fully restore it back to me. From today forward, my presence will be upon you in unmistakable ways. My face will lead your steps and protect you from all that may come against you. Though a raging flood threatens you, I will lift you high, and you will see my glory, for the day of the Redeemer has come.

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