We have started a family website. For those of you who know us, will know that we are not the kind of people that enjoy taking selfies and posting them all over social media, we take lots of photos of our children, but never of us, we include our children in pretty much everything we do. We have both independently had it on our hearts to do something like this for our family but never quite knew how. We so often speak about what God has laid on our hearts about parenting, about being a wife or husband, about being a friend. We so often speak to each other about what our individual purpose is, and we both feel like God wants us to use our passions, our life experiences to encourage and uplift others.
We certainly are not PERFECT parents, and we are learning as we go along, we have very different children that different parenting techniques work with each of them, but our foundations and principles are rooted in the same thing. We know that God lays things on our hearts and it works when we actually implement it, so we want to share those GOD nuggets of gold with other parents who undoubtedly are also experiencing the same things.
We are far from the PERFECT married couple and we have had to overcome so many obstacles. We both come from such different backgrounds so it has taken work to get to where we are, but marriage takes work and as long as God is the centre of each of our focus, we will get closer together. God shares things with us individually that are again GOD nuggets of gold when it comes to marriage and we want to share it with others.
Mike has always felt a calling on his life to minister and impart to others. Is this to work in the church? Is this to be in business? Always asking where he is supposed to fullfill this strong calling he feels he has to disciple and minister to others. This website and Facebook page is the starting block for Mike to do what He feels God has called him to. Whether you are a complete stranger or someone who knows him, Mike has an incredible heart and God wisdom that if you sit down and chat to him, can make explain things in such an incredible way.
Chantel has always felt that her calling was to be a wife and mom. She had a unconventional upbringing and although was a hinderance to her for so long, God has shown her how to use her life to raise her children differently, to be a praying, God-serving wife and mom, to uplift and support and encourage her husband and children. More recently more and more people have said her story can change other peoples lives and thats what she wants to get out of this Facebook page and blog website. She wants to encourage young moms who feel like they are sinking, she wants to encourage, girls who feel like they are worth nothing because of their circumstances and what life has dealt them. She has a story to tell, not a pity party story, a GOD story and that story just keeps growing as she walks in the calling over her life to be a wife and mom.
We believe our children are a fundamental part of our family, and as much as we need and do have our husband and wife time, we believe in taking our children on our adventures with us. We want our big and small adventures to always include them. So follow our stories on how we take our family on adventures, whether it be to the rugby or a game reserve. We will review things to do with kids and give you our opinion and recommendation on what works for a family of 5 🙂
We want our families lives to shine Gods light. Our theme for our wedding 9 years ago was to let your God colours shine and that has been something we try to portray as family and make it our families ‘thing’. When you see us, when strangers see us we want people to know us as a family who clearly let our God colours shine out in everything we do. We want to encourage others in our walk as a family to let your God colours shine and hopefully, our journey, our story will encourage you, uplift you, maybe something we share is God speaking into a situation in your life. Hopefully we can make you smile or laugh at our adventure and it encourages you to take more adventures with your family.
We want you to be apart of our journey, we want to be apart of your journey, we want to encourage you, no matter how old you are, who you are, or where you are in the world.
So sit back, fasten your seat belts, and enjoy the ride.
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