Yesterday I posted a bit of information about what we were walking through at the moment with our little guy. So here is an update…

We had our appointment with our Paed, side note – if you are in Ballito or Durban I highly recommend Professor Van Niekerk. So amazing with all 3 our children, a Christian man, and a VERY knowledgeable doctor, based at Alberlito hospital.

The day before he wanted to see our Zac because he was concerned.

He explained Zacs immunity so nicely. His lowest one IGA is the slowest producing immunity so even though its nearly non existent does not mean it is not there and not developing. When babies are born they have NO IGA so he does have some just not as much as he should have by this age. All babies Zacs age will be under the required amount until they are 5 years which is when it should reach its required levels. Then his IGG is low but not dangerous low just lower than it should be.

Because he had vaccines on the Tuesday we have to wait 6 weeks to do blood tests, when he will be 12 1/2 months. He will be testing the levels again to see if they are increasing as well as testing against other viruses and bacterias to see how immune and if his immunity responds to it. If he finds the levels are not changing and same as they were at 9 months then he knows to test further. What does this mean if they are climbing, it means that our little guys immune system is lazy and after chatting about Maddy also being prone to infections easily, he says chances are Mike and I were the same as children and both or one of us passed the gene onto them.

He sad if the bloods come back and his levels have not changed at all or gotten worse it means there is something more serious wrong with our little guy and we start with the vaccine schedule all over again and test against each and every virus.

He did say if he had to put money on it then and there he would say Zac is just slow immune grower 🙂 Because our little guy is thriving in the weight department, so much so that he is a tad over weight for his age. So that leads him to believe he has a lazy immunity.

Please continue to stand with us and trust for complete healing and speeding up of his immune levels. I am trusting this is just another miracle Zacy boy gets to add to his life story that he can share with people about how good and awesome our God is. He is healed in JESUS name and Professor Van Niekerk is going to confirm that in 6 weeks because we have an army of believers standing in Faith and agreement with us over our precious little guys life.

So if you are and have been praying thank you.

If you are battling to find Faith in your situation…as hard as it is know that God is with you. He is with you through every situation you face, you have to choose to find him in the middle of it, or choose to not see him working. The choice is ours. I know today I am choosing FAITH! As a mom I am going to battle everyday for my childrens lives and praying over them and choosing to have Faith in a mighty father who has his hand of protection over them!

Be blessed and CHOOSE faith!!!


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Terri Baxter · April 26, 2018 at 11:47 am

Robert Family, we are praying for you all. Dr. Van Niekerk was also the only doc that was able to figure out & diagnose Isabella when she was also solidly sick for 6 months in & out of hospitals & seeing at least 10 different paeds. You are in the best hands possible.

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