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I have to admit that these three points are not my own revelation. They were passed on to me by my good friend Grant Slevin (He’s also the guy that advises about our money, haha).


Not matter how you look at it you are always going to argue about Money. Even if you agree on the basic principles of how to handle money you are still going to have disagreements about money at some point. A male will never understand how R700 spent on a haircut can be value for money. I’m sure female’s won’t understand about how something won’t be value for money but I can’t think of an example right now.

Most of the time I encounter couples that struggle with money and it doesn’t take long to find out that they keep their money separate. While this works for some people it problems will always rear their head at some point. Personally I believe that all the money should be put into one account. Then it should be agreed upon how the money should be spent. Personally I don’t like the idea of splitting the left over money after expenses are paid by percentage of income. This is because the person who brings in the least will feel inferior, but the reason they don’t bring in as much is because they do more for the family. Have an honest conversation about it and try keep it even.

My Tips: Don’t avoid the difficult conversations about money. Money is not emotional and we shouldn’t get emotional about it. The goal of every conversation should be to come to an agreement not continue to disagree. As my friend Paul Rowney once said: “Win an argument, lose a friend.”


Not matter how diplomatic you think you are you will also show bias towards your family. You will overlook their faults and make excuses for their actions. The earlier you accept that you will do that and your partner will do the same for their family the simpler your family matters will be.

Family is always going to be a difficult topic and an uncomfortable conversation.

My Tips: Learn to be understanding with your partners bias towards their family and try show the same bias, it’s hard but it will make life simpler. Family comes first, the real question is which family? The one you are creating or the one you came from?


The topic no one wants to talk about but the topic that you will argue the most about.

Man and woman are so different in this respect. I love the way Mark Gungor explains it:

My Tips: Don’t avoid talking about sex in your marriage. The less you talk about it the more awkward the conversations will be. Share your feelings around sex in your marriage. Make your sex life great and I am sure your marriage will be great.

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